Support your local farmers!

Hello concerned local farmers, pork eaters, school students and supporters of local Australian agriculture!

Brett and I are local pig farmers at Tewinga (between Nambucca, Bowraville and Macksville). We love our pigs – and they are always happy to see us so I guess they love us too!
Our pigs are free-range and milk fed and they taste superb! 

Brett and I have worked tirelessly for the last couple of years to set up our pig farm and to establish our business. We began on a rural property with nothing – no fences, no house, no dams, no sheds – nothing! Now we have a complete house and we sell our pigs to Dangerous Dan's - a local butchery in Macksville every week. Whilst our farm is small, it now produces a reasonable income for our family and serves as a good road map for like-minded people who want to escape the rat-race of the city and decide to take up the challenge of creating a modest lifestyle on a small rural acreage. 

We have been visited by agriculture students from various schools and the Winners of the Electrolux Amateur Chefs of the Year Competition 2010. They came to see first hand how pork, bacon and ham can be produced locally in a small-scale, sustainable way. Agriculture students who express an interest in becoming farmers one day themselves are particularly interested in hearing about the difficulties we faced in establishing a farming enterprise from the ground up.

We have discovered that farming is challenging indeed!  We experienced some big local floods in the early set-up phase of our open pig shelter shed!  The finished shed now provides shelter for the pigs from incessant rain. The shed has a compacted earth floor so that the pigs cannot damage the ground when they all come in for a feed in the wet weather. Like dairy cows, pigs make a very muddy mess in highly trafficked areas and this can lead to soil erosion if it is not managed. We keep the highly trafficked feed areas undercover to avoid soil erosion in wet weather and also make it more pleasant for us and the pigs when it rains or the sun is beating down in summer.

If your interested in knowing more about our pig farm please feel free to contact us. 

Kate Henderson & Brett Goodwin